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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mood: Refreshing
Colours: soothing Blue and crisp White
Styled by Safia Sheikh

I promised highlighting universality of pieces and colours in the last post in this series, didn't I? Well, here we are.
In these contrasting outfits, I wanted to highlight the universality of overalls. Summer or winter: it's the way you style them that matters. I find that showing the outfits side by side is, by far, more effective to show the contrast and crossovers.
I chose to go with the exact same colour scheme for both outfits: blue, white, and black. These colours and the way they compliment each other just feels very refreshing to me. It is the style/cut of the white tops (off-the-shoulder for Nyamat vs turtleneck sweater for me) that is the most distinctive feature of either outfit.
Since I wanted to go for more of a casual look, both outfits were paired with white sneakers; comfortable, but more importantly, adhering to the colour scheme.

It's been a while since I've simply drawled on about real life other than simply talking about clothes so in other news:
 ya girl has started university! I'm proud to announce that I have been studying fashion design since September. I suppose at the least you could say it's exciting, but more than that, I've found my nerves coming alight and my confidence waning. It's inspiring but also terrifying to be surrounded by so many talented and knowledgeable people. Why am I openly admitting this to the void of the internet? Simply because I know others are definitely feeling the same way. And hey, perhaps in a couple years or so, even this moment in my life won't seem so crucial, but I can only laugh about it later if I actually feel the nerves now, right?
Thus far, the academic experience has been...interesting    but more on that later (a.k.a. I'll write a post on that once my semester comes to a close so stay tuned!).
Again, another HUGE shoutout to Nyamat Phoolka for being a complying guinea pig model for me on this shoot! You can follow her on her instagram @nyamaphoolka.
I also promise the photos from my next shoot will be much higher quality than these (oops)!


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