Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Body image. I've thought a fair bit how to approach this topic on my blog before. This is a sensitive topic for many people, myself included, and understandably so.

I don't want to be perceived as "one of those skinny girls who talk about body positivity for views" and I definitely don't want this post to come across as "yeah i may be considered skinny bUT..." (as though I'm saying this stuff simply to remain relevant in a discussion). I find that tone matters a fair bit when approaching sensitive subjects such as this, so please bear with me and try not to be too cynical.
Yes, of course I have issues with my body image; everyone does. Whether or not that's solely a byproduct of glossy magazine covers at this point in time I think can be debated, but I think we all inevitably compare ourselves to those around us. Simply a glance at a stranger on the street can leave you yearning: I wish I could wear that, or if only I looked like that, I could wear this. Since I started university in the city I can say that feeling has only been heightened. 

The line of thought I really wanted to focus on through this blog post is the notion that a person must look a certain way in order to wear a certain article of clothing and make it look good. I suppose, sticking to traditional styling techniques and the logistics of waistlines, hemlines, etc. one might believe it to be true, but I also believe that in the era of millennials and unbound creativity as we have it today, it might be time to begin to challenge such foolish notions and get a little uncomfortable in our clothes to make us comfortable in our bodies.
Sunglasses: Aliexpress (I know, sounds crazy but they were surprising good quality)

I tried to do that with this outfit. I personally am not a fan of fabrics that hug around my stomach and waist (see: the reason I no longer wear bodycon dresses and am hesitant with crop tops). The pieces in this outfit, however, are tighter around those areas and looser everywhere else. To keep it a little bit on the safer end (oops!) I chose to pair the same colours and vertical stripes in both the top and pants to elongate (a classic styling trick!) and make the look a little more classy.  

While that may have been the route I chose for these photos, I'm going to challenge you all to be bolder than I was (not difficult to do). It sounds terrifying: to suddenly just be able to jut out your chin and flounce around with all of your insecurities on display, but I am a firm believer that if you exude confidence (even if its fake--fake it till you make it!), whatever your concerns are will be drowned out simply by the vibes you reflect. 
Shoes: Call it Spring 
Purse: Nine West 
Inspired by Dia&Co's Try-Day Friday initiative (essentially, every Friday they challenge their employees to bend their boundaries and wear something new, something that they would have been hesitant to wear otherwise), I myself decided that once a week, I'll try to wear/style pieces from my wardrobe in a way I wouldn't normally do. I think playing around with stylistic choices is fun and can help you to feel comfort in the discomfort of something new and foreign. 
I encourage you to do the same. Find solace in the fact that we are all insecure about something and someone will always have something that might fit the societal norms regarding beauty, yet you are so much more than that
If that still isn't sufficient comfort, remember that everything is a trend, even what is considered a beautiful body. I'm sure you've all seen that one Buzzfeed ideal-body-types-throughout-history video (admittedly not the most academic source but hey, that's pop culture). THE POINT IS that culture is constantly evolving; the notions of beauty and fashion within a culture are transient. And if there ever was an era that praised self love, it's this one.

To close off, I just want to say an incredible thank you to my photographer Eyad Khalil. I'm sure you all noticed the quality of these photos increased significantly and I have him to thank for that. You can check him out on VSCO here and instagram @eyad_khalil_: he has HUGE things ahead of him, mark my words. 

I know this isn't Mary's Room 02, and for all you loyal readers wondering where it's at, fear not. It's nearly finished, I just got quite backtracked while doing final exams and preparing for my first year at university. I promise it is on its way! 

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