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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Before I even begin this post I just want to give a big, massive, gigantic, mammoth thank you to Zainab Anwar for the new logo art (my blog needed revamping anyways!). You can check out her brilliant artwork on her instagram @zainabxanwar. Her style is unique and she is most definitely what I would describe as an "inclusive" artist (if you take a look you'll understand what I mean).

Recently I was on vacation in the United States. Let's just say a road trip is not the most recommendable course of action to take during a heat wave. Thank goodness air conditioning exists and is accessible to me.
Sunglasses: Ardene
There were a lot of places I had the opportunity to visit on my trip. I was in about 6 states on this road trip and got to spend time with family and friends I don't get to see often, which I was incredibly thankful for.
For the most part, I explored New Hampshire, Connecticut, and New York. 
Choker: Hot Topic
(FOR THE RECORD I just want to mention that I did, in fact, change my outfit multiple times. I simply tried to have at least one day in each place where I wore this one for the sake of background variety for you all so please, don't misunderstand).
In New Hampshire, I was able to see the Old Man of the Mountain...or, actually, I wasn't. See, the actual rock formation, created from granite, eroded over the years due to rain, and is now completely diminished. 
I must say, though, New Hampshire is a stunning state. The landscape is filled with looming mountains draped in cloaks of forests. It's all very pleasant to look at.
In Connecticut, I had the opportunity to explore the Yale campus, visit East Rock Park (WHICH HAS BY FAR THE MOST SPECTACULAR AND BREATHTAKING VIEW OF THE SUNSET THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY SEVENTEEN YEARS OF LIFE), and take a steam train and riverboat ride.
Oh yes, I also visited a sunflower maze.
Finally, after Connecticut, it was NYC. It was actually my first time visiting New York City. Due to the weather and a couple hiccups in the plan, I only had enough time to visit and explore Time Square. That in itself was quite amusing but I was disconcerted by the amount of people dressed up in characters that wanted me to take pictures with them (I find adults dressed up as characters like that terrifying). Anyway, I had a great time and had the opportunity to break a lot of my ingrained stereotypes about America (you have my sincerest apologies).
Recently, a lot of vintage/90's style has been returning to stores. Honestly, I'm not especially keen on that style as of right now, but I admire the layering trend. So I thought it ought to be time I purchased a pair of overalls. Boy, am I ever glad I made that decision.
Overalls Dress: Urban Planet
Unfortunately for me, the overalls dress I purchased is a little bit too big on me, causing the straps to fall off continuously. On the other hand, the larger size makes the dress a lot more comfortable and loose. I've also never owned anything with an A-line style skirt before, so it was a new experience.
Leggings: Forever 21
As much as I would have liked to pair the dress with some heeled wedges or block heeled sandals, comfort was the first and foremost thing on my mind. That's why my shoe choice was sneakers (women's New Balance WR996HP in pearl white). I feel as though white sneakers might be almost more versatile than black sneakers; they have a knack for making an outfit pop.
Shoes: New Balance (can be purchased here)
Denim is making a comeback, dudes. And I have high expectations.
P.S Good luck to all of my friends who have started/are going to start school this month! You'll get through!


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  1. Wow, you look really amazing in this outfit.
    I really like seeing you wearing this overall dress with your leggings, it's more classy and modest than wearing only leggings like you wear jeans or pants.
    But in my opinion the socks don't work with sneakers and leggings. I like the look of sneakers without socks - have you tried this? - or maybe some kind of no-show socks due to the fact you have to walk a lot.

    Greetings Julius

    1. Thank you, Julius! I'm glad you think it looks a little more modest; I, too, am not a huge fan of the leggings-as-pants trend.
      I understand what you mean about the socks, and I agree. Although they look nice, I truly don't enjoy the feeling of sneakers without socks. No-show socks are a great alternative! However, in my particular case, I had not packed my no-show socks with me (I'll remember that next time).

      Thanks for your suggestions, and I'm glad you enjoyed the post!
      -Safia :)

  2. Oh. hi Fee waddup. So I'm basically here to say the flower field complements your outfit like 100% and I'm jealous you went to all these places looking adorable while I sat on my bum at home and/or worked but mostly I kind of want a denim overall dress now so thanks for that.

    Cheers, keep on posting girl, moms proud.



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