Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hey y'all,

I just thought I should update you (since I'm pretty bad at that). This year is pretty hectic, academically speaking. My first semester exams are coming up in January, so it is with regret that I'm announcing a hiatus. I have one more post queued up to publish during my winter holidays (meaning there will be a new post up before January 4th), but after that I'm going to take an official hiatus. I know I'm already pretty inconsistent in terms of when I post, but I thought it better to announce it officially than have you all wondering if I'm dead. During my hiatus, I also hope to get a blog makeover (I mean seriously, there are a lot of things that could get fixed around here!) and return with a revamped look! Be sure to check out my previous posts while they're still available, and make sure to take advantage of my discount codes while you still can, as those expire soon (the code is "melaninpoppin" and it works on: Chiki, Aila, Hhotaru, and Khujii)! I hope to see you all soon, and let's hope I do well on my exams.


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