A Skir(t)mish

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The weather here in Canada is skirmishing. When I went out to take these pictures, there was a heat wave warming. In Canada. In September. Now, however, it's October, and things have changed drastically yet again. Winter is coming...
In other news, I'm back in school. Again. I wish I could say I'm starting with a larger amount of confidence than I had previously, but alas, that is not the case. And that's part of the reason this post (and the next) is coming so incredibly late and in a different season. Sorry for neglecting to update.

In other news, Banksy launched Dismaland. I am a fan of Banksy's work (as you can tell by this short piece I wrote inspired by his art) and this grim and disturbing perspective of the typical Disney stories really intrigues me. Banksy always knows how to make a statement that can leave an audience shell-shocked and thinking. 
I said this last year in a super lengthy post (which is now deleted), but I become quite pensive when autumn comes around. Must be in the wind's bite. 
Emotions are in a skirmish right now. Pushing away negative thoughts is quite a challenge. There are many methods to combat my defeatist mindset, but the ones I find most useful are to focus on the good things. Essentially, I "bully" myself into keeping a mental checklist of all that I need to accomplish for a day. I'm trying to push myself, and I think it's working for the time being  (just a reminder that I am not licensed to tell you what to do, so don't hold me to this. I'm just another person relaying their experience online!!). I'm also trying to spend more time around people who motivate me, and make me feel the ambition that I lack. And it's working, and I'm getting through it. Challenged, grieving, and stressed, but I'm getting through! 

This is the part where I actually talk about the outfit (lmao). I absolutely love this outfit because of its bright colours and how airy it is. Basically, it was burning outside this day, and I'm so glad I wore the long skirt, because the air flow was blessed. It's fall outside, and I can assure you that this is not an autumn outfit, so don't try to wear it out now (not that you would, anyways). 
I'm just going to take a moment to talk about the long skirt, because it's w i l d. Basically, this long skirt was once upon a time the dupatta of one of my sister's pairs of shalwar kameez, but she grew out of the clothes. The pattern, however, was really beautiful, and thus she went and got it all stitched up into the skirt I wore: behold! Recycling.
 I miss summer. Such a carefree time it was. But I saw it coming. Junior year means it's time to get a little more serious. And I'm ready for the challenge. I'm welcoming it. 
A Note From Editing Safia: I apologize if this post seems rushed or incomplete; I've been putting it off for so long that I got fed up and just decided to pour out my thoughts spontaneously. I've discovered they sound disconnected and do not flow smoothly, but neither do my thoughts. Let's just say there is artistic intention in the disconnection. 


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