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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Recently I've seen an increase in the amount of #BlackoutDay and similar movement(s) on Twitter and Tumblr and I CAN NOT explain to you just how overwhelmingly pleased I am.
Also, as summer rolls around (hah, it's actually almost over!), everyone's melanin is also poppin' (as we say). It's so beautiful to walk outside and see all the different shades in all their spangled glory. Perks of living in a diverse country, I suppose. 
Either way, it's made me really pleased to see people learning to appreciate their colour as it truly is, and stop aspiring to be the lightest shade they possibly can.
With that said, there are also a lot of situations where people are trying to achieve that snowy (lack of) glow. A lot of places in Asia (both east and south) have growing businesses in skin whitening cream. Absolutely horrifying. It's depressing to think that people believe their value or beauty as a person must be defined by the colour of their skin. Simply thinking that a dark-skinned person is lower class and a light-skinned person is upper class...try and tell me white supremacy doesn't exist. Just try
A lot of these thoughts date back to years and years ago. They stem from the old belief that those with dark skin would be tanned as they were poor farmers who worked in the field all day, whereas fair-skinned people wouldn't be tan as they were rich, and able to afford servants to do their work while they stayed inside.
Still, I find it amusing how in the Western(ized) half of the world, people are trying to become as tan as possible (as it insinuates wealth because you are able to travel), whereas the Eastern half of the world is trying to become white (as it insinuates wealth because you don't need to do hard labour for yourself i.e ploughing fields all day). I mean really, if there's such confusion about the colour of skin representing wealth...could maybe, just maybe,,,,,!??!?!?! COULD IT POSSIBLY BE?!
Either way, I can't deny that people are beginning to appreciate their skin colour more and speak out against racism/racial stereotypes/whitewashing [side eyes white police officers and Donald Trump]. I can only hope and do my part in ensuring that those around me, including myself, don't partake in any of that bullsh*t. This is a negativity-free zone!
A-Short-And-Quick-Little-Photoshoot-Story: So this truck driver for a popular drink company (whose logo I've blurred out-can you guess who?) saw me taking pictures out this day (this photoshoot is actually three months old...whoops), and he walked up to me, handed me a bottle of le drink (*****), and said I could take pictures against his truck if I wanted. I know, it's a ploy to advertise *****, so I have some pictures of me against a ***** truck holding a bottle of ***** that I'm not planning to post here. I'm almost angry that the lighting was better against the truck, to be honest. 
Again, since I've been feeling super happy lately, I've collaborated with Khujii and AILA, online stores, to bring you all a discount! I thought long and hard about what my discount code should be, and finally settled on this one after deciding that positivity is the key! SO: if you use my code: "melaninpoppin" on, or this month, you will get 10% off your order!<3 Also, don't forget to check out my updated music page!
So bask in your melanin-filled glory! Love yourself, honey: THE COLOURS WILL PROSPER! 


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