For The Person That Asked Me Why I Rant About Things I Can't Change, "Since Awareness Doesn't Physically Solve Problems, And Neither Does Running A Blog"

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Writing is a process.
It is a channel used to express and impress. 

I use it as a means to get my ideas across in an embellished manner; to appeal to anyone, even those who don't appear to give a damn.

I write to impress. 
Because I 
selfishly crave to stand up and out and be at the top of the game.
My mediums are varied 
and that's all strategically set up, for the purpose of alluring people 
I want to be admired
to be adored,
to be envied
After all, I'm a 
simple human.

But I'm aware 
I'll never be put in the higher rankings. 
And yeah, sure, I feel a little dissuaded at times from lack of motivation stemming from logic and reason pointing at the fact that I will never be the best, 

but it doesn't hinder me from applying my full efforts when the time comes.

With writing, a common problem is approached. 
What shall I do next
What is the best way to put this? 
Will this make sense?
and in my experience, writing whatever comes to mind first is most effective. 

Because we are humans, and as readers we are intelligent enough to fill in the blanks left by writers.
We are humans, 
he(w)a(tch)r us roa(w)r(ite).

I will always try to make you 
understand what I believe, 
but if I inflict my opinion upon you 
my writing is selfish and 
not meant to be shared. 
Just count the amount of draft-
-ed posts and hidden poems and tidbits and pieces of papers I've conjured. 

But I'll work on it. And I'll try my best.
Bear with me. Or don't.
Either way I will continue to do what I do; continue to be pushed to do what I want to.

I am free.
I will write.

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