Monday, January 26, 2015

So upon suggestion from one of my "colleagues" [a.k.a my favourite (a.k.a. my only) model] I decided to release a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot process for the overalls blog post I made. If you guys enjoy this behind the scenes kind of thing, let me know and I'll hopefully create more in the future! 

(Side note: I realize that the camera work is shaky (in my defense, that's just how my hands are, and I was shooting for pictures, not video, okay?!?!11???!?!?1!?!) and that there's this super annoying banner across the center advertising the way I made this video. Believe me, I get it, it's annoying. But, if you've read  it (who am I kidding? obviously you've read it, it's right there in the middle of the god damned screen), then you know that I used the trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements to create my video and as consequence for not purchasing the full version, Adobe was kind enough to "bless" me (and us, I guess) with this irritating banner getting in the way of everything. Also, a load of these shots didn't make it into the published post, so I suppose this is kind of like a bonus-type thing (???)
Oh well, this side note is way too long so I'll end it here and let you enjoy the video. (And yes, I realize I've put brackets in brackets and that's probably against the rules of English but I had a lot of points to get across, okay, jheeze.))

So yeah, that's what it's like to be behind the scenes of a photoshoot. I suppose the experience is different for everyone (and believe me, it's much more different when I'm in front of the camera), but this is just what it's like to shoot with me.

Sorry for the seemingly lack of effort put into this blog post, guys. Exams literally just ended today, so this is all I could muster up without drowning and Safia-failing my exams/summatives. I hope you enjoy, and I will return soon with another blog post!
I hope you all best of luck for your exam results!

(I've updated my winter playlist for 2015 if you dare to check it out)


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