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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Winter has arrived, finally (in spirit, anyways)! November 13th, 2014 marks the first snowfall for me (unless it snowed earlier and I was holed up in my bedroom the entire time, blind to the beautiful phenomenon occurring outdoors). It was all very glorious, and I was very sick but I enjoyed it all the same.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. There's just something about the winter, that really gets me. I can't quite pinpoint the feeling, but I adore it. 
I think it's best to say I love the dusk sky in winter. Blue and violet and occasionally pink, with the flurries fluttering around, ahhhhhhhh...I'm really in the mood. 

The mood. 
Defined by me, for me, by:

  1. Boots
  2. Gigantic winter jackets
  3. Stable heels
  4. Baking treats
  5. Warm headgear
Sweater: Stitches | Jeans: Bluenotes 
I find the ultimate struggle is finding a boot that can withstand the harsh Canadian winter (hah, what do I know, I live pretty far down south), with all the rain and sleet and slush and, well, snow. To add to the struggle, the ones that are durable are also pretty...hmm, how to say this?...ugly? 
This year, I've been eyeing the ever-so-popular Doc Martens 1460 boot. I've also been eyeing the prices, and, well, let's just leave it at that.
So to remedy my longing for the sleek style alongside my shallow pocket, I hit Target to score myself a pair of knockoffs. And I'm very happy with them. I have yet to test them out in the snow (I've got a feeling that they'll require maintenance), but I'd say things are looking pretty optimistic. 

Doc Martens 1460 Boot knockoff: Target
The second everlasting struggle: winter jackets. To find a winter jacket that bulks in the right places, is warm, and isn't an obnoxiously bright colour is ridiculously difficult. Thankfully, I was ready for this winter.
Jacket: Ahh sorry guys, this was a gift from a relative in China 
I've come to prefer coats over jackets, but the only warm coat I own really does not match the rest of this outfit, so I opted for a lovely present from a relative. I adore this jacket so much, because the design is fresh and modern (heh, see what I did there?). Plus, since it's mainly grey, I can pretty much wear it with any colour.

I like that this jacket has letterman jacket style elements, with the wrist and waistbands, as it makes the jacket a little more trendy and casual. This style isn't very rare, and I've seen winter jackets by TNA that have the whole pinched-wrist-and-waist thing going on.

Which brings me to struggle numero trois: heels. Cheap heels are hard to find as is, and the ones that are expensive tend to be a bit unstable or plain for their price. That's the reason I buy most of my heels for parties from Pakistan. Their heel designs are unique, durable, and very inexpensive. 
So you can imagine my shock when I walked into Urban Planet the other day and found these beauties for $18.

Heels: Urban Planet
Even better than the price is the style. They have the platform grip thing going on (minus the platform), making them incredibly stable. These heels are surprisingly easy to style as well, since they go with jeans and skirts and tights and dresses because they're black and white.

As the Christmas season rolls around, I know people will be looking for inexpensive gifts to buy that will still make the receiver feel special (spoiler alert: Santa isn't real). If you're anything like me, you'd look for a cop-out and opt for a gift card. But let's be honest, who wants to pay the exact amount they give? For us el cheapos, what could possibly be better than paying less for the same amount on a gift card? What's that you ask? What drug am I on? Honestly speaking, caffeine because I've got a pile of homework lying around, but that's besides the point. The point is, that I can solve your problem. And mine too, I suppose.  I recommend checking out this website/app I found.

It was pretty cold out. Bless my sister for sticking it through and taking pictures for me. Love ya sis! is a website that does the thing where you don't pay a lot but you still get the same thing. A note from future-Safia editing this post: that's called a sale; past-Safia you dimwit.You can go through their vast online collection of gift cards (which are both online gift cards and physical gift cards--you can choose), select what you like, and then you can buy it at a discounted price! Also, if you've received a gift card that you don't want to spend or don't like (don't worry, it's our little secret), you can sell it for cash. Using these gift cards, you can recreate the looks I wore in this blog post!
What makes it better, is that the team is currently working on making their website open internationally, so discounted gift cards for everyone!
(You're welcome)

_  _  _

Baking is one of my favourite hobbies. Trying new recipes and enhancing old ones to alter tastes is very satisfying to me. Especially because I can revel in the product and have that mindset that says hell yeah, I made that.

Especially in winter, when there isn't much to do outdoors, I amuse myself in the kitchen. And cooking's easy. I'm sure you can all relate.

[insert appropriate segue here] 
Sorry, writer's block calls for drastic measures.

My last "essential" for winter is headgear. Not the dental type; the type that keeps your ears from turning red. 
I've been inseparable from my grey beanie since last year because it's just that comfortable.  I've been told that it resembles many...peculiar objects when I wear it, but I don't really mind the comments. It keeps me warm, it's monochrome, and it looks good. 

However, hats subject hair to the inevitable condition: hat hair. So an alternative to a beanie would be earmuffs, of course.

And they look kind of like the large clunky headphones (total want, by the way), so they're more aesthetically pleasing, plus you don't have to worry about your hair when you take them off.

_  _  _

I think winter is an appropriate time to talk about attitude. In the cold, everyone is desperate to find warmth; to survive. I think we are all similar when it comes to affection and acceptance. Everyone craves the feeling of being part of something bigger; to feel as though they've contributed to something. And I think a huge problem with the human race is we think we can pick and choose who those people are. 
But everyone has their own opinion, and unfortunately, depending on who you've been stuck with, the majority dictates the norm. 

So the question becomes:

Is your contribution dictating the norm?


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