An Ode To The Ones Who Move On | Contrasting The Fallen Leaves

Saturday, November 01, 2014

So I mentioned earlier that I'd be overloading with summer posts throughout fall (and I promise I will get back to that!), but I found some time to go take a couple more photos, and these are actually fall-themed. I'm kind-of catching up????(?????)

Coat: Suzy Shier
Sweater: Stitches | Tights: Garage
Skirt: DIY
Autumn is quite a romanticized season. Falling/darkening leaves are used as metaphors and analogies for change,whether it be in feelings, circumstances, or character. 
I thought brightening up the dark thoughts would be an ode to all those who accept change rather than reminisce in what could have been. 
So I present to you, Safia (me), one of the only people I've seen wearing bright orange with bright purple in fall.

Infinity Scarf: Ardene 
Rings: Ardene
Oh yeah, I also wear my wedges with socks. Does that classify as warmth over fashion? Or is it a double whammy? (things to ponder...)
Also, I'm just really into pastel colours and thought I could bend the seasonal rules at least once.

Wedges: Ardene

Also, I've created a playlist page which you can all check out now! I will hopefully update it regularly so you can all check out what I'm listening to, and get recommendations...because why not?

In other news, I've been thinking of creating an Instagram account that is centered around my blog; a channel to find previews of posts or unreleased photos; that kind of thing. I find that if I post all of the photos I want to on my personal Instagram, it would be like spamming. So what do you think? Shall I go through with it, or nah? 

I'd also just like to mention at this point, since Canadian winters are hella harsh (to say the least) I most likely will go on hiatus with seasonal fashion posts. However (to compensate) I've got a load of posts pending from summer that I'll release through the winter months.

Oh! How could I forget? I've also got a surprise video coming up for you all! 
(It took me a while to make and I'm pretty proud of it, okay. Please enjoy it...!)

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