Chiffon Epiphany

Monday, September 29, 2014

[Hi. I'm Safia, a lot of you know. I realize that I've never really given a face to my writing. So this is my debut post I think...(????????????????) Also as summer is coming to a close, you'll have to excuse the summer-post cramming that I'll be doing late into fall o o p s (it's all in the timing and I'm a procrastinator so..)]

Summer for a Muslim girl in the modern world typically consists of various articles of clothing made of chiffon. A light, airy material; chiffon is comfortable, and trés belle.
I am wearing: High Low Patterned Chiffon Blouse - Urban Planet, Shalwar - custom-made from Pakistan
Shoes - Sirens *(See? Mud.)
Fluffy Clutch - SIMILAR PRODUCT DIY, Ring - Flea Market, Black Beaded Necklace - Aldo
Lately, I've noticed that the North-Western Hemisphere has been taking inspiration from Asia and the Middle East. Printed harem pants like these ones from Forever 21 resemble the traditional shalwar kameez worn in the majority of the Indian subcontinent. I've seen cardigans that resemble kimonos and abayas; traditional to Japan and Saudi Arabia respectively. (Funny about the persistent and constant racism isn't it.....?)
Steering away from the social justice-y side, I think mixing elements from around the world makes for a great outfit (if done correctly).

I took a high-low red and black zig-zag patterned chiffon blouse and tucked it into my shalwar. Since the transition looked a little awkward, I put on a chunky waist belt from Walmart (yep, I said the dreaded "w" word).

Belt - Walmart
I reckon this is a semi-formal outfit. The tall heels and clutch make the look classier, whereas a lower, simpler heel and long bag would make it more of a day-to-day look.

The outfit is also super comfortable.

I thought I was being cheeky, forgive me.

Note to self: never do a photo shoot involving pencil heels in the forest as the heels will sink into the mud and get slightly ruined *(as you can see in the picture at the beginning of the post)

I guess that wraps up my introduction of myself to this blog! I do welcome all of my new readers (yes, people from school, believe it or not, this weird thing I do has attracted people I don't know), and I hope to see you all soon.

Welcome to my blog.

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