It Is Upon Us Once More

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Change is such a strange thing and nostalgia is such a funny feeling. 
I always thought I ought to be one of those people who'd forever dread winter; despising the bitterness ahead.
Now I find myself clinging to the cold
The darkness is comforting
It provides shelter from the menacing brightness
It dulls me down.

Or so I've come to believe.

There were brighter, warmer days, where the hot sun on my neck was the most comforting feeling.
Now I find my safe haven in the flurries falling down my back.

Summer is so bland. 
She's the same every day;
warm smile, bright teeth, wind in her hair.
But I much prefer the unpredictability of the winter;
she rages, she storms, she huffs and puffs and blows your house down.
With light flurries and harsh blizzards, she crafts her own landscape,
 a white wonderland to me
a white hell to some.

R.I.P. my darling, see you in a couple months.


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