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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life is made up of moments, 
and moments within
those moments.
And every once in a while there's 
that one moment
Where you're frozen
And you look around
And watch the world go by
Stuck in a time-frame
You're paralyzed
and everyone's moving
And you can't help but wonder:

How? Why?
How can they move about and not
even bat an eye at the rest of
the world?
How can they flit about carelessly?
Are their wounds not as deep as
I can only chalk it down to 
ignorance and innocence
Either they're too blind or too
They need to grow and pull the
shroud off of their bodies
But they choose not to
And I wonder why
But I guess in a way
I know
I understand their choice to be
I understand why they don't join
me in my despair
My hopeless, careful, treacherous


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