Sunday, January 12, 2014

They tell us "sorry" will change everything. That one small, five-lettered word will find its way into conflict and pull out a resolution. That this little string of five different letters will solve all the problems in the universe. 
But they're only five letters. easily undone.."s o r r y"...

It's really just another word. And words mean nothing alone. They're just a chain of sounds strung together to represent things. I could just as easily say "sorry" and not mean it as I could point to a chair and say "floor". (I hope that analogy makes whoops my bad...)

It's just another word. Solitary, they're left frozen in the air, meaningless; fossils. The only mark of a feeling; of a thought. And "sorry" is right there in the pile of fossils, waiting for a purpose; waiting to be said with the right purpose.
And that purpose is all in the execution of the word. The meaning, the life of these words only exists as the speaker says them, or writes them. I think it's because we're cowards. We cower behind words rather than act out our thought and feeling with finesse and grandeur. Words are our puppets, and we're the puppeteers, whether that's us pushing them with great care or hurtling them across the stage. And we really, really suck. We suck at using them. We never know how. We stumble and trip and beat them. We bash words and speak them before processing what we want to say. We use and abuse words. And all the while we assume that what we're doing right. If anything, we should be apologizing to words themselves. For the life they have. We're the gods and goddesses of words; yet we're not merciful. Not one little bit.

Yet all we can do is apologize. Whisper one strangled mundane noise. It's all we've got to make up for how pathetic we are at expressing emotion. 
But it's better than nothing. They say these five letters have the ability to move minds and build relationships. And you know what? They're exactly right. "Sorry" can fix the mindset of a person, resulting in a chain reaction which could, potentially, "fix everything". But again, it all depends on whether or not you're sincere about it. there's really no point in saying it if the person can't pinpoint the sincerity. 
Basically what I'm saying is, make it hit home. Make it really mean something to someone and you've got yourself the solution to every problem.
Another lovely point to contradict myself and mention here is the sorry doesn't have to be verbal. If the apology is executed with the so-called "finesse and grandeur", you've done the word justice. You've not only tamed the puppet, you've become friends with it.
So yeah. Just apologize sincerely, please.
Sorry, but until next time.   


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