Friday, December 27, 2013

  This one's for those days
those days waiting up ahead

     The days where the roof you have to raise 
weighs lighter than a feather
     The days you sit here fantasizing over
you can only wonder and pray
        Waiting, for your four-leafed clover
or whenever they pull your name out in a raffle

   But now
now is your sad reality
   Now expects you to be alright--but how?
now is your enemy, stabbing you in the back 
in the stomach
in the chest
in the leg
in the arm 
in the foot
in the hand
in the head
in the heart

       Now is killing you.

  Now-And-Then is your escape. Now-And-Then means dreams; release.
 Now-And-Then gives you glimpses of your life ahead. 
Now-And-Then keeps you going.


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