Old Time's Sake

Saturday, November 16, 2013

     That day, back then. I know we all felt it.
Back then, the four of us; out; for old time's sake. A month, to be precise. A month after not talking to my three best friends, we sat together. Out there on the concrete in daylight with heat stinging our backs; the four of us sat together. Together, but noticeably apart. Not one of us meeting the others' eyes. We cracked jokes, had a great laugh, but it was different this time. It still makes me wonder, what could happen in one month to silently tear us apart? Circumstance...I don't know, but I sat there wondering that day; confused. It was all around us, in the air, the sky, in our eyes and the concrete, washed into our clothes and rubbed onto our faces. For we were not those foolish naive children from the days of before; we grew up in a month. We matured to a point without return, I think. And despite all of this, as a silence fell, I know I wasn't the only one who was content with a vague sense of security; that just being there with them, without a word exchanged among us, kept me safer than any shield could. 
     I still think about that day sometimes, and the four of us. We've somehow managed to stay close. Not in the same way, but it's still great.


Dedicated to three of my best friends from some time ago. 

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